Who Are We?


Ticketscan is a Limited Company set up in November 2006 exclusively to provide Point of Entry ticket validation staff to entertainment, sporting and event organisers nationwide.
We are the only dedicated scanning company in Ireland currently offering this service.

What Do We Do?

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Whether your event or venue is big or small we can provide top class staff to validate your customers' tickets at point of entry.

Our staff are versed in the art of 'meet and greet ' and
are encouraged to engage with customers in a cheerful and friendly manner.We do not become involved in Security issues and we leave that to the professionals involved in that area. However we are also in a position to supply staff as Ushers and also Hospitality Staff for VIP and Guest areas and Bars.

How Do We Do It?


Generally ticket validation is done using the Ticketmaster system and up to date hand held bar-code scanners, currently the most efficient method of ticket accounting available. This system allows the client to be aware at all times of how many customers have entered their venue. The system also prevents the mis-use of duplicate, already used or forged tickets.

Any problems with tickets are identified immediately at the point af entry and any issues related to the ticket can be resolved there and then rather than within the venue later. The big advantage af hand-held scanners is the flexibility that they offer. Fixed scanners do not offer the same degree of flexibility but we are also in a position to provide supervisors and staff to oversee the smooth operation of these systems.

For those not using Bar-code validation we are also quite happy to provide staff for the more
traditional methods of entry such as tearing stubs or stamping.

Our Staff.

staffWe are exceptionally proud of our staff, who are all trained in the identification and validation of tickets in accordance with whichever system or client is being catered for.

'Our staff are trained and encouraged to be customer friendly at all times and to interact with customers in a pleasant and courteous but fully professional manner in all situations'.

All of our staff wear a Company uniform based on green and black. Depending on the situation and venue this can vary from Fleeces, Rain Jackets, Tee-Shirts, Blazers and/ or Shirts and Ties. This of course is also flexible depending on the clients needs. We currently also have staff based in most major locations in Ireland including Dublin, Cork,Limerick, Galway and Belfast.

All of our staff are employed directly by ourselves and we do not sub-contract any of our work out to others. We recruit our staff by very occasional advertising but more often than not by word of mouth or personal referrals from our current employees. Many of our staff have been with us since our inception and have proved to be exceptionally loyal, friendly and helpful which of course reflects in their work ethic and the overall image of the Company. Currently at least 10 of our staff are trained in First Aid. All of
our staff are trained in customer services and are well spoken with perfect English.

What Our Clients Say:



"I would therefore have no hesitancy in recommending them to any public facing organisation who wish to have overall control and
accountability for large numbers of paying spectators.


Kevin Mullen
Operations Manager
Cork City Football Club

Directors :

Mr.BrettConor Brett.

Conor has been involved in the entertainment industry in Ireland in one form or another for 25 years. He has been involved in everything from booking transport, to travel and accommodation for various artists. He has worked as an operations manager for various companies.Conor was involved in the making the feature film: Angels Ashes
Conor lists Golf, Traveling and Sport as his hobbies.
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Mr.MinihaneDoug Minihane

Doug comes from a retail background but like Conor has many years experience in various facets of the entertainment business. This includes everything from security work to building sets on stage to driving and organising schedules and accommodation for visiting artists. Currently living in Cork City and has a keen active interest in Motorbikes, Diving, Music and Photography. He also enjoys watching all sports and is a lifelong supporter of Cork City Football Club
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